Meeting Myself

  I'm leaving tomorrow for a three-week solo trip through Western Europe. I'd be lying right now if I said I wasn't scared. In general, I've been feeling raw lately. The passing of my grandmother, leaving my job of almost two years, not to mention Mercury in gatorade. I'm just going through it, going through … Continue reading Meeting Myself

(good) grief

My Grandma Cheryl died on March 26. I heard the news a few hours after writing my last post. Although I wasn't related to my grandmother biologically (she is my grandfather's second wife) she has been my grandmother since before I was born. I loved her as I love all of my grandparents. She died … Continue reading (good) grief

Stephon Clark

March 18, 2018, one week exactly after I turned 25, Stephon Clark, then and now forever 22 years old, was shot to death by Sacramento police officers. He was shot in his grandmother's backyard. He was shot twenty times. He was holding a cell phone. In 2018, to be black and holding a cell phone … Continue reading Stephon Clark