Further Writings


Wind, Leather, Time, Pigs“, 2015, The Manuscript

Bruises“, 2015, The Manuscript

Birdy“, 2015, Entropy Magazine

Apricot Preserves“, 2018, Defiant Scribe

Smoke and Silence“, 2018, Z Publishing House, Minnesota’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction

The Year of Internal Optimism“, 2018, Blanket Sea, Nominated for Best of the Net Award

“On the Beginnings of a Universe”, 2019, The Fabulist: Words & Art

“Accidents”, 2019, Winner of COG Page to Screen Awards

“Oakland by Night” 2019, Hobart

On a Thursday“, 2020, The Fabulist: Words & Art


Writing Writings, 2016, Pyragraph

Fine Scale Association Between Parasites and Sex in Potamopyrgus antipodarum Within a New Zealand Lake“, 2018, New Zealand Journal of Ecology

PopSugar Voices, 2019, PopSugar

Differential responses of prairie rodents to edge effects from recreational trails“, 2020, Nature Conservation