Further Writings

Do you want to find more of my writings?

Wind, Leather, Time, Pigs“, 2015, The Manuscript

Bruises“, 2015, The Manuscript

Frigid“, 2015, The Manuscript

Birdy“, 2015, Entropy Magazine

Writing Writings, 2016, Pyragraph

The Void“, 2017, Fear Writings

Apricot Preserves“, 2018, Defiant Scribe

Smoke and Silence“, 2018, Z Publishing House, Minnesota’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction

The Year of Internal Optimism“, 2018, Blanket Sea

Coffee Writings, 2018, Rhetoric Coffee

Fine Scale Association Between Parasites and Sex in Potamopyrgus antipodarum Within a New Zealand Lake“, 2018, New Zealand Journal of Ecology